Book the dates:The ICon Arts Transilvania Academy & Feastival Sibiu – 19th July – 30th July & The ICon Arts Academy Rome – 31st – 7th August 2017

academia-icon-arts-homepageInternational Contemporary Arts (ICon Arts) is the story of an ambitious cultural project which has evolved into a complex phenomenon of independent contemporary art, known throughout the whole of Europe. ICon Arts is an international art class (ICon Arts Academy) and a festival of concerts and performances (ICon Arts Festival).

Starting in 2003, with summer classes focusing on contemporary musical performances, the ICon Arts Academy has set out to create bonds between young composers and performers, virtuosos and master creators of the new generation of sounds. Somewhere on the line between formal and non-formal education, ICon Arts Academy has created the best environment for young musicians to develop their skills and to gain access to international level master classes.

Along with the Academy, the ICon Arts Festival was developed as a series of concerts given both by participants in the Academy and also by world renowned contemporary music performers.

ICon Arts is proud of the 150 young people from all over the world that meet in Sibiu every year, drawn in by the multicultural environment, the possibilities for professional and personal development, by the workshops and the concerts provided by masters of the international cultural life.

The ICon Arts events focus mainly on music (composition, musicology, solo performance, chamber music, orchestra, and jazz); however, in the past 7 years, they have covered a larger area of the artistic life: dance, theatre, photography, instrumental theatre, visual arts.

The success of ICon Arts is reflected, among other places, in the projects that were developed within this frame: The ICon Arts Ensemble, Opportunities at Home, ICon Arts Percussion Group, Composer in Residence.

The ICon Arts Academy is proof that Romania can offer an excellent cultural environment and as many professional development opportunities as any other European country. The mentors of the ICon Arts Academy are world renowned names and are part of the elite that offers master classes in important international centres.

The Academy classes are aimed at the artists of tomorrow but the events in the ICon Arts Festival are open to the general public, for it to enjoy the beauty and the value of contemporary art.

We welcome you to Transylvania to be part of the ICon Arts phenomenon!