Icon Arts Rome Academy

Poster ICon Arts 2017_INTRO Roma

For over 14 years, the ICon Arts classes are renowned worldwide both for the exceptional mentors invited, as well as for the extraordinary environment in which they take place.

Since 2013 we have also settled in Rome where we organise, alongside Accademia di Romania a section for instrumental performance (guitar and chamber music) and a photography section. Five years later, we still have the performance and photography masterclasses and we chose to add a vocal one. The 2017 edition will take place between  31st July and 7th August. And registration is open!

The ICon Arts Rome Academy represents the natural evolution for a cultural project that has reached maturity and a high level of quality in Romania. “Exporting” the Academy entails a number of opportunities: to improve our country’s image abroad, for Romanian participants to be inspired by Rome’s millennia of history, for Italian and foreign participants to discover a new way of creating contemporary art.