Icon Arts Festival

The ICon Arts Festival was created alongside the Academy and evolved as a parallel event.

Each of the two parts of the International Contemporary Arts project aims to develop a set of skills necessary to young artists. The role of the Academy is to facilitate the transfer of know-how and the growth of the artists involved. On the other hand, the Festival, aims to transform the artist into a performer. The participants in the Academy are given the opportunity to overcome their stage fright, their fear of performing before an audience. Each section has one evening dedicated to it in one of the special locations: The evangelic churches of Cisnadie, Cisnadioara, Medias and Biertan are reserved for the students in the performance and dance sections while the pubs in Sibiu will host the jazz section.

However, the ICon Arts festival is not only a playground for the Academy students. The second goal of the Festival is to promote the beauty and value of contemporary art to the larger public, no matter if it concerns music, dance or photography. This goal is achieved by bringing on stage internationally renowned artists from both Romania and abroad.