ICon Arts Percussion Group

icon arts percussion group ICon Arts Percussion Group was created in 2007, during percussion classes led by Mircea Ardeleanu in the Icon Arts Academy.

The members of the group are young percussionists who enjoy exploring the large choice of percussion instruments and sounds. From classical to African drums, from marimba to rainstick and cowbells, their performances always surprise the audience with their creativity and colourfulness.  

Every year the group gains experience and appreciation:

  • In November 2012 Icon arts percussion group is invited to Drum Tide Percussion Centre in Beijing to participate in a tour aiming to promote musical education in China. The tour included recitals in Beijing, Anyang and Wuhan, as well as a few exchanges in the Beijing and Wuhan Conservatories.
  • At the end of 2013, the group went on tour in Switzerland and Romania.
  • In May 2014, it is invited to go on tour in Mexico.

You can follow the Icon Arts Percussion Group’s activity on their Facebook Page