ICon Arts Transylvania Academy & Festival –20th Edition

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Thousands of hours spent studying each year and having access to school classes sometimes is not enough to make a young musician to take a leap and reach a higher level of excellence. A trigger is needed in order to activate that shining. At the right time.

This becomes possible by participating to master classes held by internationally renowned teachers. They are artists that perform on the world’s greatest stages, having a unique experience through they can broaden horizons for the ones that are ready to evolve. Such an encounter can make the big difference between having a simple talent and the start of a bright career.

These were the reasons that led to the foundation of ICon Arts Academy and Festival 19 years ago. It is the first Eastern – European summer academy dedicated to contemporary arts, with international attendees since its first edition. Today, many of its students are internationally acclaimed artists.

Join now the 2022 ICon Arts Transylvania Master Classes

23rd of July – 8th of August, Biertan, Richiș

Artists from all over the world get together every summer in the beautiful South of Transylvania, Romania, for many reasons: to attend to the ICon Arts Academy Master Classes, to play for the first time for an international audience – during the Festival – and to connect their inspiration with the fairy tale Transylvanian landscape, with its medieval amazing heritage sites, while discovering preserved traditions and enjoying the local rich cuisine.


About the ICon Arts Phenomenon

International Contemporary Arts (ICon Arts) is the story of an ambitious cultural project that turned into a complex, internationally renowned independent contemporary art phenomenon.

ICon Arts is both an international art course (ICon Arts Academy) and a music and performance festival (ICon Arts Festival).

Started in 2003, as a series of summer classes, and focused on contemporary music, ICon Arts Academy aims to encourage the exchange of experience between young performers and composers, artists, masters and all those shaping a new generation of artists.

On the fine line between formal and non-formal education, ICon Arts Academy has created the right environment for young artists to develop and gain access to international master classes.

Along with the Academy, the ICon Arts Festival naturally took shape, as a series of concerts starring academics, on the one hand, and on the other hand, big, worldwide renowned names of contemporary music.

Who is the ICon Arts Academy addressed to?

The ICon Arts music master classes – composition, solo interpretation, chamber music, Composer in Residence – are dedicated to students enrolled in music schools, who intend to take their knowledge to the next level.

The Jazz and Contemporary Dance master classes are dedicated to a 16 – 35 year-old attendees, passionate about these arts, with a minimum level of knowledge in the field. Specialized studies are not mandatory.


Schedule and Classes

The 20th edition of the ICon Arts Transilvania Academy will host the following master classes in two diferent periods:

23 – 31 July, the following master classes will take place:

31 July – 8 August, the following master classes will take place:

Artistic Residences:

* These classes require a pre-selection by sending a short bio and a self-tape of 5 minutes (solo recording) among the registration form. The applicants that have not been selected will receive back the amount of money that have been paid for reserving the seats.

* The Cello Master Class coordinated by Valentin Răduțiu will start with a day earlier, on 22 July and will end on 31 July.


The master classes will take place in Biertan and Richiș heritage villages, in Sibiu County, Romania. Each master class is scheduled to develop during a 9 days program.

A daily, informative schedule of the ICon Arts Academy can be downloaded here.

In the context of Covid-19: The event will take place under the official regulations in Romania regarding the pandemy. The 2020 and 2021 edition developed according to the calendar, the classes took place in safety conditions and 90% of the events have been organized in open air.

And we have a special offer for you: you can reserve your seat with an advance payment of 200 euro. The rest of 400 euro you can pay in the event’s first day.

In case the event will be cancelled, you will receive back the entire amount you have paid.

Details about registration

For each master class there is an available limited number of 8 seats.

In order to register for the desired class in the ICon Transylvania Arts Academy, we would like to ask you to:

Registration is complete when the fee for the package has been paid – even if the payment is made in two installments.

The minimum age for participation is 16 years. For minors, the above form must be accompanied by a parental agreement. [download model].


ICon Arts standard packages:

Package 1:
EUR 200 – includes only course fees, for the 23rd  – 31st July or for the second period of 31st July – 8th of August 2022

Package 2:
EUR 600 – includes accommodation, courses and 3 meals / day, airport transfer (from Sibiu International Airport), transportation to the concerts from the ICon Arts Festival, tuition fees for the 23rd  – 31st July or for the second period of 31st July – 8th of August 2022.

Payment to:

UCIMR – Uniunea de Creație Interpretativă a Muzicienilor din România
EURO IBAN: RO17 BTRL EURC RT04 7708 8101 Banca Transilvania Sucursala Obor
CIC: 4770881

PayPal: academia.iconarts@gmail.com


Payment in installments
You have the option of paying for a package in 2 installments (30% first installment, 70% second installment).

The first installment is non-refundable. The second installment must be paid by June 15.

Important: The registration closing date is June 15 2022 or when all seats have been booked.

We are looking forward to your visit in Transylvania.

You are welcome to be part of the ICon Arts Phenomenon.